WaveOptics waveguides can be designed according to customers’ needs. Customers may choose to use their own projector, or one supplied by WaveOptics.

The waveguide programme allows customers to commission custom designs, providing maximum design flexibility.

Waveguide customisation

The simplest customisation uses a WaveOptics standard grating design, but with a new custom outline to provide clear product differentiation. If the chosen outline wraps around the standard grating structure, then most waveguide shapes are possible. In some carefully controlled circumstances, the waveguide outline can actually intersect the output grating.

More radical outlines may require a fully customised waveguide including optimisation of the grating structure, size and geometry.

Design support

We work very closely with customers to ensure their projector design is optimised for our waveguides. This is key to maintaining the optical integrity and enhanced quality that our waveguides provide. As such, waveguide only customers always require a design support package.

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