Augmented Reality’s
Key Component

WaveOptics develops high-performance, highly manufacturable waveguides through which people see augmented reality.

With a large eye-box and a high field of view, WaveOptics’ diffractive waveguides seamlessly combine real and virtual worlds. Crisp text and imagery is projected by our near-eye displays, presenting computer images that overlay the real world. Augmented and mixed reality headsets can be designed with small, light and flexible form factors.


Scalable using step and repeat processes and standard tools

Superior Performance

Ultra High Field of View and a very large eye-box. Vibrant colour combined with high contrast

Team Experience

The WaveOptics team’s industry experience covers a range of sectors – consumer electronics, gaming, defence, medical and mobile. Application expertise includes heads-up displays (HUDs) and head mounted displays (HMDs). Technology expertise is very well represented with deep know-how in refractive and diffractive optical systems, optical design, imaging, illumination and integration into other parts of AR systems. This knowledge and practical experience allows WaveOptics to create waveguides with best in class fields of view, cost effective mass production and maximum design versatility.