Our waveguide technology was designed from the outset with mass manufacture in mind. Our structures are technically sophisticated, but physically simple, which makes manufacturing using standard nano-imprinting methods possible.

Manufacturing process

WaveOptics has designed a simple manufacturing process, which enables our waveguides to be mass manufactured at low cost. We use standard tools along step and repeat processes to ensure that low-cost manufacture is possible.

The animation explains in more detail.

Manufacturing approach

WaveOptics has invested significantly in nano-fabrication facilities and we have established two separate supply chains – one for mass production and one for R&D. Our mass production manufacturing line must remain stable with minimal change to maintain consistency and throughput.

R&D requires a facility that is flexible and can readily change process parameters. We work with several European partners who offer the required technical agility to evaluate new ideas.

  1. NIL

    Mass production of waveguides on wafers

  2. Optical Coating

    Wafers are coated and cured

  3. Laser Cutting

    Individual waveguides are cut from their fabrication wafers

  4. Assembly

    Individual waveguides (red & blue) brought together

  5. Edge Blackening

    Tinted to enhance augmented reality images

  6. Characterisation

    All waveguide assemblies are tested for accuracy and optical performance