New Reality

WaveOptics believes in a safer, quicker, more expansive and enriched world. It’s augmented reality technology as a real-life experience. Viable rather than virtual. Human not humanoid.
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Our Technology

With WaveOptics' patented waveguide, the world finally has augmented reality technology with viable and attractive economies of scale.

Our optical design harnesses waveguide hologram physics and photonic crystals rather than conventional augmented reality projection. Collimating small input/large output processing allows for lightweight, all-day ergonomics with unrivalled optics and power efficiency.

WaveOptics technology does not require cumbersome prisms, mirrors or scarce materials, meaning our industry partners can engineer and manufacture devices using standard processes and tools.

Our technology can be tailored for specific applications and scaled for mass implementation across a myriad of form factors.

Core Foundations


Our large eye box technology creates persistent and stable full colour RGB images both indoors and out.


Our technology uses patented ultra-thin waveguides and photonic crystals, so there’s no need for bulky, power hungry projection hardware.


Our technology can be manufactured at mass scale using well-known and readily available tools, materials and processes.

Latest News

Meet the Team – David Grey

David is a co-founder and the CTO of WaveOptics. He has been at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) and the optical...

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View all news…

Our Difference

WaveOptics believes in totally immersive augmented reality that is viable and accessible.

Across endless shapes, sizes, and surfaces, our waveguide technology realises stunning augmented reality experiences. With full colour imagery and peripheral vision our technology has an unsurpassed field of view.

This is WaveOptics’ big difference: it has developed augmented reality technology that fuses incredible image quality with lightness and manufacturing scalability.

Our Philosophy

Augmented reality should be a positive enhancement of people’s worldview, integrating data and imagery that complements what they’d ordinarily see. In other words, augmented reality should allow people to view projected images with their surroundings; the key difference between it and virtual reality.

WaveOptics believe in a new reality – a seamless and immersive experience that enhances the physical world around us.

WaveOptics is the long-awaited ingredient to make augmented reality the new reality.

Management Team

We have a deep understanding of augmented reality that spans five decades of cumulated experience. Drawn together by the desire to make augmented reality real, scalable and accessible, WaveOptics was formed by Sumanta Talukadar and David Grey in 2014. The team has expanded with more scientists and engineers from the fields of medical technology, defence, gaming and consumer electronics.

Sumanta Talukdar

Sumanta Talukdar

CEO & Founder

David Grey

David Grey

CTO & Founder

Pete Hughes

Pete Hughes


Jonathan Oates

Jonathan Oates


Salim Valera

Salim Valera

Chief Scientist

Dion Price

Dion Price

VP Business Development

Martin Harriman

Martin Harriman


Our Partners

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