For customers who are looking for an effective way to speed up their prototype process. The module includes waveguides and projectors mounted to a frame with prisms where necessary. This option is for customers who have their own electronics.

We also offer our modules with driver electronics, so that you can test and evaluate our standard offering. Demo content via an APK is also available.

Modules are available with differing field of views and in monocular or binocular configurations.

If electronics are required, we provide:

  • Interface puck with USB-C connection
  • Access to demo content via APKs
  • Associated software, tools and support

Case Study: start to finish in 6 months

In just six months, our partner Rokid conceived, built and publicly demonstrated Project Aurora. Based on the WaveOptics module, Rokid wrapped the electronics, gyros and cameras for a 6DoF tracking and SLAM system around the WaveOptics chassis and optical modules.

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