For customers who are looking for an effective way to speed up their prototype process. The module includes a complete component module, with the 40° field of view waveguides and projectors pre-aligned on a frame. This option is for customers who have their own electronics.

Waveguide customisation

The waveguides are supplied with a standard outline designed to optimise the manufacturing efficiency. Our module customers can request an alternative outline to differentiate their product. However, the new outline must be at least 2mm outside of the optically active areas and some additional customisation charges would apply.

Design support

The WaveOptics team are available to support the optical, mechanical and electronic integration of our component modules into customer’s designs. Like all optical systems, there are some requirements for how the parts are mounted and aligned.

Customers usually request a design support package in addition to their module order to take advantage of our team's experience and expertise. This speeds up the process to achieving an effective and optimised product.

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