For customers who are looking for an efficient way to speed up their initial technical evaluation process. The WaveOptics Evaluation Kit includes a complete component module, with the 40° field of view waveguides and projectors pre-aligned on a chassis, along with all the associated electronics.

The Evaluation Kit has everything you need to connect to an Android host.

  • Precision machined aluminium chassis
  • Left and right WaveOptics modules
  • Option for binocular or monocular
  • Interface puck with USB-C connection
  • Access to demo content via APKs
  • Associated software, tools and support

Case Study: start to finish in 6 months

In just six months, our partner Rokid conceived, built and publicly demonstrated Project Aurora. Based on the WaveOptics EVK, Rokid wrapped the electronics, gyros and cameras for a 6DoF tracking and SLAM system around the WaveOptics chassis and optical modules.

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