Leopard Demo

Glasses form factor looks like traditional eye wear

Demonstrate advanced level of readily deployable technology

Allows UX testing of green only monocular smart glasses

Components readily available in high volumes

Highly customisable

Leopard Module

Combining our popular Asgard waveguide + proven Loki light engine = Leopard module

Utilizes Katana waveguide platform – the thinnest and lightest waveguide available on the market today

Tiny micro-LED light engine fits into the arm of glasses for ease of assembly

Features & Benefits

Monocular (right eye)
Green only
27° FOV
Content able to contain up to 40 preloaded images
Large display
29 pixels per degree
4 Bit green (16 shades)
Standalone device - fitted with Bodach electronics in the right arm and an 85mAH battery in the left arm making them

Fully Customisable Component Module

Ready for Mass Scale Evaluation

Excellent Clarity & Brightness

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