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The New Technology Group are a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of research optical engineers and scientists. Their focus is to consult and lead on various research projects internally at WaveOptics that are crucial to the performance of our products and future designs.

The role:

  • Based in our custom-built office in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  • Led by the Director of New Technologies, within this group you have a considerable opportunity to advance the development of augmented reality technology
  • You will be expected to contribute across the main activities of the group, which include developing new augmented reality display technology, developing new measurement techniques, developing new simulation tools, developing new analysis tools and performing root cause analysis investigations
  • Often you will need to develop technical solutions that require some innovative thinking that you will have gained from both your background and your ability to ask probing questions
  • Joining this team can offer you a diverse and challenging work environment where you are able to apply your research experience and solving real product issues
  • There will be an opportunity to be involved in developing new augmented reality display technology and the flexibility to work on projects that suit your background and interests
  • The position requires a large degree of autonomy and initiative; you will be expected to work cross functionally with different research groups within the company

What we like to see:

  • Expertise in a broad range of optics, in particular imaging or display related optics
  • As a senior engineer you will have expertise and an interest in at least two of the following areas: experimental, fabrication, design, and/or simulation
  • Demonstrate you can solve unusual problems and back up your thinking with clear results
  • Strong theoretical/ mathematical approach
  • Strong experimental research
  • Great communication skills in order to drive change within the company


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