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The role:

As an Optical Test Engineer, you will be working alongside multi-disciplinary research and development teams to utilise metrology equipment to determine key performance characteristics of the next generation of AR devices.  You will work within the team providing data from optical experimentation to characterise diffractive waveguides, projectors and assembled headsets.

You will:

  • Define optical tests based on product requirements document and work with the R&D teams to ensure that measurement solutions are available.
  • Build bespoke experimental optical systems to perform measurements.
  • Work with existing measurement equipment and procedures to perform standard tests.
  • Capable of critical view and understanding of current methods and processes.
  • Analyse optical test data from initial builds through to mass production in order to develop acceptable limits, root cause failing units, and identify process changes that could cause changes in optical performance
  • Review, interpret and report on characterisation results and distribute the information clearly to a wide variety of teams and functions across the business
  • Develop and validate image analysis algorithms to analyse the optical performance of our devices.
  • Push from design phase to production use of newly developed tools and analysis for performance indicators on products
  • Communicate/collaborate with external teams to realise reliable measurements procedures.
  • Write detailed instructions for operation and deployment of experiments and test procedures.
  • require competence in a programming language preferably Python, Matlab, C or LabView

We would like to see:

  • BSc or Masters in Optical Engineering, Photonics, Physics or similar
  • Understanding of diffractive and imaging optics
  • Practical and theoretical skills in optics
  • Strong hands-on experience with lab work, optical setup, building and aligning metrology equipment
  • Highly analytical with experience disseminating knowledge internally and externally
  • Basic knowledge of database technologies such as SQLite
  • Experience with CAD software packages similar to SolidWorks
    • Experience and knowledge of standard opto-mechanical lab equipment
    • Understanding of basic electronic circuits and digital communication protocols
  • You will be working in a fast-paced environment so it’s essential that you can prioritise your workload
  • Use of statistical analysis tools to analyse and graphically present of complex, multivariate data sets.
  • In depth knowledge of optical systems, imaging principles, image analysis, optical metrology tools, spectroscopy, and light emitting and detecting components.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills including the ability to document complex technical topics for a wide audience


  • Completed an Optics or engineering internship during studies
  • Knowledge of LED characteristics and design considerations
  • Experience with diffractive optics
  • Experience with polarisation optics
  • Experience with colorimetry and science of human vision and perception
  • Experience with display technology
  • Knowledge of image processing and machine vision libraries (e.g. NI Vision, CV2)


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