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The role:

  • Joining the Product & Capabilities (R&D) group who are based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, this a truly collaborative team whose core responsibility is delivering unique customer designs and continuing fundamental research (Improving scientific theories) enabling us to grow our impressive product offering
  • You can expect to be involved in all aspects of technology and product development from invention, analysis and computational modelling
  • Working on a range of research activities, from Fourier transforms to new optical modelling approaches- we hope you approach the problems and share your thoughts and ideas
  • We look for strong Python experience, however this is not a software position you will have an opportunity to develop your coding alongside researching mathematical theories
  • WaveOptics will be able to offer you a supportive working environment and you can expect to quickly develop and focus your interests which will be led by you
  • As a Graduate you will have the opportunity to support various projects throughout the year and also collaborate with the senior engineers who are experts in their fields, we would then hope you will lead in some research activities and will be given the support to excel
  • If you were fascinated by theory or modelling within your chosen studies and ready to apply yourself within industry and work on real physics problem, then our Talent team would like to hear from you

What we like to see:

  • You will have achieved 1st or 2:1 in Theoretical Physics or Applied Mathematics
  • You can demonstrate you can apply your understanding within diffractive optics or electro-magnetic modelling
  • You will be a confident python user, this could have been used within your degree or you may have continued this in your spare time
  • You are able to collaborate within a team and solve challenges and can communicate experience and findings clearly and demonstrating of the outcomes


  • If you completed an internship during your studies within Optics or Physics it will give you an understanding of product design and working in a commercial environment however this is not a must
  • During the interview process you will be asked to demonstrate an understand of polarization




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