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The role:

  • This is an opportunity to work in our talented Waveguide R&D team, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  • Reporting to the Head of Research & Processes, you will be working within a R&D group who are responsible for nano-characterisation (40%), process development/product optimisation (40%) & new research areas (20%)
  • You will also have an opportunity to travel to the external partners facilities to work in close collaboration on fabrication and metrology tasks
  • You will work closely with suppliers and internal teams to develop manufacturing processes to meet product design and ensure traceability
  • Correlate modelled with measured results, to improve the fidelity and predictive power of models
  • Incorporate data from physical measurements of nanostructures into models (from SEM, AFM etc)
  • Collaborate closely with the waveguide modelling, R&D test and module development teams during all phases of development and product introduction
  • You will also have an opportunity to be involved in new research areas such as researching new technologies and fabrication techniques that could be of interest to WaveOptics’ product development

What we need to see: 

  • Master or higher-level degree in Physics, related Optical sciences, Applied Materials or Electronic
  • We are looking for expertise with nanofabrication via e-beam lithography, optical lithography, plasma processing, and thin films deposition
  • Good knowledge of SEM, FIB, EDX, XRD, AFM, Profilometry, Ellipsometry, FTIR and other nano-characterization techniques
  • First-hand experience of UV cured polymer-based material science, first-hand experience with nanoimprint lithography would be a significant advantage
  • Background in material science who has experience with product manufacturing
  • Can demonstrate project management experience and can deliver to short time scales & deliverables
  • Strong verbal / written communication and reasoning skills, quick learner with great problem-solving skills

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